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4 Tips to Avoid Eye Strain When You Sit in Front of a Computer Monitor all Day

The office is fraught with danger — between tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and the lack of exercise that comes from sitting around all day, the average office is a veritable death incubator. And don't forget to add eye strain to the list — staring at a monitor all day means your eyes don't blink as often as they should, you squint at large blocks of small text, and your retinas are blasted with a bright screen for hours at a time. Here's the remedy.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Changing prices of products on a continuous basis is a necessity in a retail environment, and is particularly time consuming in a grocery environment with thousands of different items stocked on the shelves, and thousands of potential price savings every week. Canadian retailers also have a code of practice where retailers pay reparation to consumers in the case of mislabeled items, so retailers have a tremendous incentive to ensure that prices are up to date and synchronized with the in store database.

Waiting for Flexible Displays and Flexible Devices

Reports appeared online Friday of a new 19-inch flexible display that LG hopes to start integrating into new devices.

Over the past year I've heard about numerous interesting advancements in the flexible display world. I've personally seen demos of fully flexible E Ink, the screen technology in the Kindle and Sony Reader. And there are also some interesting videos online of Sony's full color flexible OLED displays.